Norm I want to start a cult. I've learnt alot about mind control and brainwashing, and I think one of the major tools I need is LSD but so far the outcome of this yet unborn cult is looking dim. 010901
distorted tendencies Are we talking MKULTRA shit here? I hope you're not in league with the Nazis, precious Norm. 010901
Norm I'm not out to preform hate crimes or commit mass suicides or anything. I dont really have a plan. I think all I really want is control. I'm gonna use all the money I get to drink every night and my "family" gets some too. 010901
distorted tendencies No I didn't say you were out to commit hate crimes. I was merely pointing out that the government did the same exact thing back in the 1940's. :) 010902
Norm My following is growing, my cult is flourishing, soon I will be strong enought to take over the world!!

hahaha hahaha hahaha
birdmad "and i was thinkin'
what i been missing

i tell you truthfully"
Norm You know what you need? Drugs! Take two of these and hop on my back, and I'll take you to paridise. 011119
sisyphus it's like they knew from the start that we needed to hear it, that we needed them to make us listen, that when we did we would stand behind them (next to them, in front of them) - and it's true, we did all these things, they knew all these things, and so we keep on marching, clouds in hand. 060903
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