alora no one believed her. 021003
stork daddy and then they blamed her. and hey...i think it probably was her fault. i mean, what do you do when the rest of the world is crazy? really you should just give in and act like them. otherwise you're crazy. but not the same kind of crazy. oh and i guess that "myth" is more pertinent now than ever. or maybe it was more pertinent then than ever. or maybe...i'm going to be quiet, lest i offend the choir. 021003
Anna Von Kickass if i wanted to watch two people fondle eachother, or rather, just watch one flirt with the other until their little fucknig head falls onto the dirt cheap carpeting on the floor. then later to be fully devoured by small dust mites that will eat their way through your slut-faced skull and lay several fucking billion eggs in the lining of your slowly decomposing brain, that will eventually live to become skanky horrible people who don't have any moral value or respect whatsoever, which in my opinion really isn't a big obstacle to overcome, yet they spend their whole fucking likes selling themselves to eager buyers. afterwards, they leave the eye of the flaunting because they are intimidated or in otherwards, afraid of very awkward moments. thats cassi. 041109
andru235 stop the fission
called cass-andru

regain your vision
of a world renewed

if you'd rather see stars fall
then keep building reactors
two towers tall
h|s|g usu how it goes 100729
what's it to you?
who go