sphinxradio my vocal cords are useless when it comes to expressing myself.
i've lost count of the notebooks under my bed.
they say it's always the quiet ones, whatever that means.

i don't feel it any less than you do.
silent storm Keeping it to myself
Hiding you, my secret love
I can't do it. I need more.
I need what you will never be willing to give.
phil bottled up inside
I cannot speak
all I need
is cheap relief
slips by
appreciate it's spin
the less I try
the more I am
I lost in may
so many days
such a cost
troubled sun in the sky
cannot tell I'm going blind
expectations ran too high
I'm weak
Mister Brightside ...water

apparently the prolonged drought followed by a quick succession of flash floods and the level of stuff carried by them into the reservoirs has made city water much more suspect than usual.

a city of roughly 2 million on boiled or bottled water until the county health department says otherwise

phil you're such a nigger 050126
* The_singing_of_stones * 050126
2001 Harry_Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 050126
Mister Brightside Actually, phil, if we must get into the ethnic slurs, for any reason, at least get it right...

I'm a spic,
You know, a beaner.

Or, the long-out-of-use but highly hilarious

"Taco Bender."
no reason please.
philosopher's stone.
phil a city of roughly 2 million on boiled or bottled water 050128
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