silentbob what
what are you
who are you?
what do you want? why are you doing this to me? why does this happen to me
why is this happening to me
why won't this stop
silentbob what is this?
what are we about to do?
i don't know
No, what are we doing
witchesrequiem just a nick name! 040619
silentbob robert 040619
silentbob overanalyzing again 040625
silentbob going to die alone
get used to it kid
baka world.
i miss that show terribly.
silentbob eating an apple 040716
silentbob how_i_feel_today 040731
silentbob a little confused.
on the one hand he doesn't want to be alone anymore. he doesn't want to be lonely anymore. he wishes he could be with someone.
on the other hand he can't stand most the people he knows. he doesn't like being around anyone.
bobby is often around droves of people and yet he feels completely alone.
i guess its not that he's confused.
i guess its just that he's looking for something specific.

he's looking for someone he can be with, and whittle away all the other people. one person. that he doesn't get annoyed with. that inspires him. that makes him feel alive. that he's excited exists.

the catch is...
they have to feel the same way
about him.
silentbob When i make you laugh i do it for selfish reasons. Its like i get a spiritual satisfaction from amusing you. Like the attention and the pleasure are beams of sunlight. i'm not doing it just to make you laugh. But i'm afraid if i told you this you would stay away from me, knowing of my ulterior motive, and avoiding me making you laugh. which i can. and get. because of my own personal gratification. 040902
what's it to you?
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