Dafremen Be Alive
by R. Dafremen

So this is alive
Clinging to
This tender vine
Playful zephyr
Warm sunshine
Feels alive

So this is alive
Around I cast
A wandering eye
Breath the air
That passes by
Sing a song
That fills my mind
Smile a smile
Then look outside
See the truth
Enjoy the lies
Feel the love
Of open skies
Embracing me
The earth that cries
Be alive

So this is alive
A chance to ask
To wonder why
The breeze through leaves
A rustled sigh
We're alive.
Arwyn beautiful. 020111
dehypnotized toothpaste 'enjoy the lies, be alive'


that makes me wonder
dafremen well, i suppose you could always be annoyed and pissed off by the lies too, if that's your thing. either way, there will be lies. 050821
polysyllabic poseur kind of a lot like "Don't Worry Be Happy"

still though...nice imagery
sanguineous i cannot be foresaken. 050822
daf In the yard at a house in Tijuana, there was a 5 gallon bucket half-filled with dirt, tipped over on its side. A single small, plant about 4 inches long was growing vertically out of it, and I thought "How that little guy clings with everything he has to his tenacious hold on life. How much he must cherish it in some primitive, botanical we all do, whether we know it, believe it, or not." 120331
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