king kong NINJA kissing conentric circles around the slight swelling of her nipple, you hedge whatever shines you erect. she looks off into the distance and has the nerve to ask YOU, "what are you thinking about"?

what does the fox think about when he hears the snapped release of the hunter's taut bow? when with a breathless turn of the head sees the taut body behind it, and shudders at it's release?
king kong NINJA whatever shrines you erect 030415
endless desire would you like to know something funny? alec told me that athena was formed when Zeus caught off another god's balls and threw them in the ocean. he really meant it to. i always considered him to be a very smart guy, i guess. maybe i always assume older people are right. well anyways, it turns out athena was formed from a headache of Zeus's or something like that. i've been asking people all day. it would suck to be from someone headache. they could tease you and say, 'youve been giving me a headache since the day you were born!' i'm sure my parents think that all the time. anyways, i like alec's story better. 030611
mythological bird was born from her Zeus' forehead 030611
self-correcting bird dammit, i hate when i do that (changing object and grammar in mid-sentence) 030611
Athena Jordison ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 030915
Doar twin scarrs
left upon the hands
and wanting to talk with her.

what's it to you?
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