squint frozen vision tries in vain

to penetrate

too much darkness

another incognito night

wearing dawn as an early excuse

to buckle down and deny my rest

affter all my effete effort.

the sun plays with my dreams

now so real

can't tell day from night

I always need a flashlight.

all i see is this one small beam

revealing so little

batteries low and the light is fading

I still trip over unseen entities

who glower at my apologies

and nobody is around

to kiss it and make it better

when i fall

and all

anyone else sees is

the lost value of plastic novelty things that fell to the ground

when i tried to avoid my crash.

like blood staining the carpet

when I bleed to death in front of you,

"oh shit that carpet cost so much, get the fuck off!"

hey, anything is valued above me....
phil I don't value you?
I can't decide what is better to say.
I value you squint.
squint no
i hope that was sarcasm...
what I've gathered from the blathes directed at me from you is you really really
don't like me.
and give me no value. maybe a teensie bit, but nothing worth mentioning.

Not a "dis"...I do like your writing...
Just how I feel and my disbeleif in writing.

so hsdkebfduygfhebc6ua.
what's it to you?
who go