sabbie (with apologies to lovecraft)

i fear that writing this may yet be my last action. i have been followed by
something hideous for days now. i hear its breathing outside my window in
the evening. i hear its many.footed tread circling, circling my house all
night and see its footprints trampled down the grass in the cold light of day. it grows bigger every hour and it shed its skin again last night, then it crawled over my house, leaving slimy trails that ate away at the paint. i saw the the old skin in the predawn light. it is terrifing to look upon, cylopiean, tenticled and yet many legged like a spider. hairy and slimy and horrific beyond all i have experenced, the skin cracked and smoked and disolved in the cold and yellowed daylight.

tonight, tonight i think it is finally comming for me. i have locked myself
away in the attic but i have heard movement downstairs. the servants
dissapeared days ago. i still cannot fathom if they left or were taken. i
hear the main stairs groaning, as if some heavy weight demands of them. now
comes a shattering as if the anquites themselves have died of fright. i hear
it thudding down the hall, comming closer. i have an inkling of what
monsterous entity it is. in some way i know i am responsible for it haunting me.

closer! closer it comes! my time draws near! the thick oaken door shakes and bows on its hinges. it is coming to take me. ahh! it is through! its baleful eye devours me! its slathering
tenticles reach for me, grab me by the legs and drags me across the floor! my gods! i cannot believe that this monsterous Suspense is killing me...
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