phil So there I was, on a family trip, not knowing who I was, where I was, who was around me, and basically no sense at all what the hell was going on.
All I knew, and concentrated on was learning how to play "softball".
I was amazed, I saw my uncle david catch a ball. He used to play back then.

I remember where we were, in a park, with picnic tables, and a playground, and lots of space to run around and play in. The kind of place were you had to wear shoes though. I've been back since then.

On one end of the park was this softball field. It doesn't look like much, but inside it looks much bigger and there was a game going on.
I don't remember any pitches, or anyone running to bases, I don't know who won. The only thing I knew was my people were out there playing and having fun.
My dad had caught a fly ball behind his back. And they were giving him flack for it. But he caught it.

The other field I saw a "real" softball game was near my dad's work.
It was a clean field with lights. I think my uncle was playing 2nd base since all I can remember is someone running with their back turned, a blue shirt with red numbers, in that general area. I am only assuming my uncle was #25. I fell asleep.

And that's it, the only adult softball games I have ever seen played.
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