paste! two cast iron radishes
box of nitrogen flakes
thrombosis chair
wild cherries from russian satellite
ass noxema
discounted farmland whips
tub full of sunflowers
thermal guests
that which got me going
expansive negotiator
nigerian taco powder
stolen warpsled slipper shawl
stomach of diamond
prefabricated yawns
aisle after aisle of diapers
magician in wheat
carbon based shame
oh my the alligator snacks on you
galloping blister in 40
elle contrary
pregnant strafing
location of tree orbs
dear sir, has it maintained?
hoosier escapee
500-650 tails of heads
old school gelatin
wild wild westaurant folds
cotton, saliva, co-marathon
decline this aorta
history of the manganese sect
heart stamps
last raisin muffler dies
xeo goliath
barnacle or gypsy?
funds against latent sub-gravity
shallow basalt pool
i rapper hoody go bong
upper xylem ohm vs. minnows
too many boxes of dryest nothings
caw caw
extra-virgin ocean oil
ever dumbening i'm going to have to go with "magician in wheat"

first, all magicians are alcoholics
second, all_your_fishes_are_timeshares
third, all magic fish live in kentucky
fourth, bourbon (from kentucky, duh) is made from corn
firth_of_fifth, the genesis of wheat is not the tom collins of corn

Q_E_D the christly resurrection of the imp must be red_prawn_ii (commie crustaceans in manhattan).
DannyH No no no.
Xeo_goliath is the only entropy suspect capable of self mechanisation.
phil today 020729
what's it to you?
who go