typhoid reasons? most of mine is free.. 000606
girl in the world (youla) the luxury of being a boy... for many years i took a stance that i didn't have to care about how i looked. that my clothes should above all be comfortable, convenient. if i couldn't find matching socks, who cares. but it was also a body image problem.
then i started getting interested in wearing clothes that i liked, so i started shopping at garage sales and thrift stores. but then that takes too much effort, so the convenience factor is not too good.
so now i think i'm wearing pretty normal clothes, but i'm still bad about ironing. i even think i might wear skirts this summer since i don't like shorts too much. but then there's a problem with finding shirts that go with skirts. sometimes t-shirts don't go with skirts...
i still have a few thrift store things that i like.
The Schleiffen Man the only great changes in my wardrobe over the years have been the change from jeans to shorts and back (after 6 years). and the slow cross over from briefs to boxers.... i just bought new boxers underpants for myself.... 6 new plaid pair that shall usurp the place of 6 pairs of tighty whiteys....praise the lord, free at last.... 000606
ClairE We only have one and the boys have one each. 020102
kerry always jeans. always. always t-shirts. always. 020103
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