god virginia bleach. i wanna go back. i don't wanna be there. what? 040924
Lila Pause My father lives in Virginia_Beach according to yahoo! people search. 040924
god mine too. small world. 040924
niecespieces My fantasy which pervades each day.
Makes no real sense.
Three days filled me with immense joy and completeness. Adored by a dream boy, I soaked in the freedom of the moment.
Ripped from the dream place, I anticipated normalcy soon after.
Normalcy came and went and came and went
and currently, went.
Broken, I sit once again in fantasy.
Over a year has passed.
I think of being there.
Of kissing him
of seeing her weekly
of seeing him grow up
of being in the forest
of changing their system
of fighting their inequalities
while building up my creative passions
and unleashing the truest passions with
Him who I think I would love, if given another instant.
I honestly dream of picnics, motorcycle rides, dancing while dressed like its the 50's, swaying to records in candle lit living rooms, eating garden grown cooking, singing together, performing on my own, performing with him, going on tour, doing my own thing while he is on tour, being an Aunt, creating, creating, creating.
And leaving all that I currently know.
All the people I currently love.
Doing the thing that I chose not to last year.
Doing it because the option has never left, even though my present is what people dream about.

Dreaming, I might chose fantasy over suicidal reality.
what's it to you?
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