pritheemydear theres nothing wrong in the world.

how could such a simple sentence mean so much sometimes.
Dafremen Hey...I´m blathing from there right now. 020606
Teenage Jesus're soaking in it.
Dafremen (Grabs hand before it can be removed from solution)
It´s OK..keep soaking.

TJ is mild and gentle to your hands, so you can soak in it every day.

Don´t let the sh*tfaced, tequila shootin´, zebra striped burro on the bottle fool you.
Teenage Jesus Move over bacon; now there's something meatier. 030828
Dafremen I dunno about MEATIER pal. You've been practically a ghost around this place lately. (Lemme guess...swamped due to the release of the new Ferrante & Teicher box set. Perhaps Beethoven just released a new album or something? Don't tell me that sales FINALLY managed to slip that Viagra giveaway contest idea past upper management?!) 030828
Teenage Jesus Ha! I just read that (and it only took me four months to find it.)

I wish those lame-brains could land a Viagra contract or something along those lines. I think they're still trying to swing the big deal with Big Sean's Comic and Fantasy Emporium.
dafremen LOL funny 8 years later. 120705
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