jennifer I once chased a thunderstorm from omaha to lincoln just because I wanted to 000803
kaskarkaminski i love thunderstorms, and this is a good place for them...i'll miss them when i leave 000803
Tank a beautiful one last night awoke me from my slumber. or rather the rain streaming through my window and onto my face did. "huh? shower? now?", thought i... 000803
birdmad there weren't really any this summer here

the sky teased rain time and again, but when seemedas if it was going to happen, the clouds had passed us by again, leaving only the sweat of anticipation on the unworthy earth and the things that love on it
snowangel a scorpio thunderstorm. 020123
benodoll makes me happy and scared all at once. i want to live in essence as a storm. that would be cool. 060223
z see: thunderstorm 060224
unhinged remind me of your_lips
the way the rain pelted the window
kept you awake

it wasn't until after you left
that i realized
a thunderstorm might be foreign to you

yellow skies
close clouds
the house shaking

i hid under the sink as a child
what's it to you?
who go