The Schleiffen Man i just ate 6 tacos... i have 9 left for dinner (5) and a midnight snack (4).... ooooh they are yummy but they make my tummy hurt just so... tonight i shall watch fight club 000818
mmm mmmmmm. good cheap food 010402
nocturnal where I got arrested. I wasn't even there getting food for myself. I hate that place. the "food" is inedible. 010402
the un-wolf an ignorant jackass i once knew did three years for committing an armed robbery of a taco bell

he has kept that fact hidden from most, but if he ever tries to fuck with me again, i will start filling his mailbox with taco bell wrappers just to drive him nuts
See the Scene Corprate white America served to in portions of wraped , raped lies 010404
that ghost of god a retard used to work at the taco bell in my town. he put his own feces in the refried beans. 010404
Rayne Taco Bell meat is meal worm!!! BLEH!!! 010417
Dairy - Lee You CheasER. you're the bloody worm,
the un-wolf master,
cheese teaser.
I will kick ya,
and throw you in the willy wonka river.
your just ummmmmmm......
I duno a ummmmmmmm....


I miss MIFFY,
do you know Miffy?
my MIFFY rubber she gave it to me and
her car is caller NUD,
it's NODDYs car but she don't even know it.
she the Tennis Caption of the beach party. my MIFFY , you gave me a sharpener too.
thanks Miffy Morffau, have you meet Uranu yet?
Effingham Fish I'm one Double Decker Taco away from the Lake of Fire. 011204
what's it to you?
who go