moonshine Dive in into the starry sky feet first 000620
silentbob starting to get a painful association 010703
kerry butterfly swinging with molly and her shining brown round eyes and long brown wavy hair that lets light sift through and tint it gold.

and i worshipped her, and then she grew up and wasn't my babysitter anymore, and she married a man named Peter.
ClairE We went on vacation and I was old enough that it wasn't not fun. I enjoyed being with my parents and even my brother was getting big.
"I'm going to leave them someday," I thought, and I was cheerful enough that my parents smiled and even laughed a lot, and we even got my mom to go on the swings.
pipedream spring getting hotter, and we stroll down to the park to swing awhile, far enough from everything and everyone to do anything that comes into our heads once we climb over the rusty metal wannabe-fence and into the butterfly-frequented litle sanctuary.

soar through the skies, incumbent summer forgotten, crappy grades forgotten, achy knee forgotten in the joy of this easy back-and-forth, the closest to flying i can be.

touching tips of trees, you push well.
what's it to you?
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