Lemon_Soda First of all, for those of you hateing a hatemonger, it takes one to know one. Quite hiding behind "." and try having an intellectual discussion with bluestar and see where he/she really sits on any of this. And enough talk about banning. You can't ban someone from blather, its impossible, and I'm against banning anyone, even if we found out who was posting giberish I'd say let em stay, too.

as for you blue_star, you might want to be phrasing what you have to say differently if you want a reaction outside of malice, or serious consideration. Then again, you might just be TRYING to piss people off, and boy you seemed to have suceeded.

mr song No. I'm not angry with blue star. I just know he's closed minded and ignorant. I posted that blue_star_is_ignorant blathe hoping to see an intellectual responce, but no. just telling me to "fuck off and die blah blah blah". I am also noticing, since I posted that other blatherskites where posting hateful and vulgar things against mr. star. They have used they're ignorace to fight his. To me, two wrongs don't make a right, but I was sligtly pissed at what he posted earlier and so was Cat lady, being a Druid herself. 070702
swears the misfortune blue star? does he even blathe anymore? 070703
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