andrea smothered by his cloak
Of indecency and betrayal
itís cool down there-
she cowers in the corner
where the sheets
tuck under the mattress
her legs are unable to kick
because her nightgown
is tangled between her feet
the light illumes the room
faintly as the dolls and
animals watch the show
they canít help her-no one can
falling asleep in the sheets
scented of him is
difficult, so she chooses
to sleep on the floor
avoiding all questions the
next day
only the sheets know

copyright 1999
Old Hick holy sheet! We should've put down a towel! 000119
marjorie clean,
cool to the touch
with creases
that wind round a body
waiting for morning to come
cheer-up-emo-kid after he goes home my sheets always smell like him.... 020524
god glashing on the sheets, glashing on the sheets 020917
dying embers Sheets are soft and silky against my naked skin I glance at your perfection and I can't help but grin. The soft skin of you eyelids as they drape into place the stern innocence reflected in your lovely face. Your body warms the bed and me and your love warms my soul. I watch you sleep my only hope is that you never go. 040116
pd silk-satin. yum. 040116
.flowerock How many will he print? 170220
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