Tank me: "tina how do you spell schizophrenic? i can't even get close enough to it for a dictionary to suggest!"
tina: "T A N K."

dat's all the proof you need...
sameolme "They have endless fun with their
thoughts, and forget the world."
Harry Stack Sullivan
fucked once too often fun? FUN??
Yeah, cause thinking everone who loves you is evil and plotting to kill you, and then trying to do it yourself out of fear of them is real fun.
sameolme Paranoia is indeed hell, but not all
schizophrenics are paranoid. There is
a playful freedom that comes to some
minds that aren't slavishly tracking
camille someone going on a shooting rampage and forgetting to shoot themselves 050406
wow. Skitzophrenia is sad.


Never heard of a happy skitzo.
Lemon_Soda I call it "haunted".

And, no, it isn't any fun. Sometime neat things isn't any fun...

Seeign another world at the expense of the one your actually in causes way to many problems.

Now if I could actually GO there...
Former MH Worker Many of them have wild eyes and sharp, pointy features. There is none of autism's gliding innocence in the schizophrenic; in its place is a frenetic desperation for some ineffable need. 090812
Hsg I've read tobacco helps. To me it appears as an anchor. 090813
what's it to you?
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