unhinged shambhala
unhinged 'the goal isn't to stop anger but to give ourselves enough space to not react to it' sic 111025
unhinged thank_you
from the bottom of my soul
unhinged . 140527
unhinged just cause i wont fight doesnt mean i dont rage 140604
unhinged 'even when we are separate we are all part of the oneness' zenju earthlyn manual 171116
unhinged bearing_witness 171118
unhinged the warrior has only two weapons: compassion and insight

they are the same weapons dorje_trolo holds in his hands as he stands on the back of a pregnant tiger wrapped in human skin, the original spiritual_gangster

(this description has always struck my heart with a strong heart_pang )

he acts when action is required
he destroys what needs to be destroyed
he cares for what needs his care

unhinged sa_roc
the courageous

find a mic
use it
unhinged 'find what is most difficult for you to love and love it' 180824
smurfus rex now on my Amazon wish list 190123
unhinged let me know when you get your copy. we can read it together 190124
smurfus rex and so, the blather_book_club was thus dusted off and reopened... 190125
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