sphinxradio i'd like to know if anything is ever final. 011105
whoknows prolly not. theres usually something more you wish you had said or something you wish you hadnt. so, its not really over or final. for me anyway. 011105
nmb I feel like my entire life is never going to be resolved, everything is up-in-the-air, I hate being patient, I hate not knowing, I want to fucking know how everything is going to work out, what is going to happen, why do I keep having to job, my stupid love-life (or lack of).


My it EVER going to go away!????
nah....! no, nothing is ever final. resolution is impossible. closure doesn't exist. 011113
ever breathing rather terrifying.

as an armchair student of buddhist meditation, i wonder if not resolution but release is the path, or is even possible.
FA113N I am resolved.
I am determined.
I am certain.

I will do it
I can do it
I must do it

I will be her friend
I will be her shoulder to cry on
I will be her support

I will forget last_night
I will forger the kiss
I will forget these feelings

Because I need to
Because I have to
Because I should too

If I want to keep her in my life
If I want to make her happy
If I want to have any contact

I must be just a friend
I must forget
I must stop blathering

So here goes nothing
So here goes everything
So here goes me

I am resolved
And it is simple, really
Friendship is better than nothing.
what's it to you?
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