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Quantum field theory (QFT) is the application of quantum_mechanics to fields. It provides a theoretical framework widely used in particle_physics and condensed_matter_physics. In particular, the quantum theory of the electromagnetic field, known as quantum electrodynamics (QED), is one of the most well-tested and successful theories in physics. The fundamentals of quantum field theory were developed between the late 1920s and the 1950s, notably by Dirac, Fock, Pauli, Tomonaga, Schwinger, Feynman, and Dyson.

. Quantum field theory (QFT) is the application of quantum_mechanics

"Quantum mechanics is a physical theory which at very small distances produces results that are very different and much more accurate than the results of classical mechanics. It is the underlying framework of many fields of physics and chemistry, including condensed matter physics, quantum chemistry, and particle physics. It is derived from a small set of basic principles, and applies to
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to fields
"In physics, a field is an assignment of a quantity to every point in space.

Physicists distinguish between three types of fields, in increasing generality:

scalar_fields, such as temperature,

vector_fields, such as the magnitude and direction of the force at each point in a magnetic field.

tensor_fields, such as the stress-energy tensor in general relativity.
Classically, field theory was first used to describe the behavior of particles in electric and magnetic fields. These were later unified into a single electromagnetic field.
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.It provides a theoretical_framework widely used in particle_physics

"Particle physics is a branch of physics that studies the elementary constituents of matter and radiation, and the interactions between them. It is also called high energy physics, because many elementary particles do not occur under normal circumstances in nature, but can be created and detected during energetic collisions of other particles, as is done in particle accelerators.

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and condensed_matter_physics

"The term condensed matter includes the solid and liquid states of matter, plus more exotic states like the Bose_Einstein_Condensate. More generally, the field of condensed matter physics deals with systems composed of a very large number of constituents that can not be regarded as independent, i.e. whose mutual interactions are essential to describe the properties of the system.


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. In particular, the quantum_theory of the electromagnetic_field

"The electromagnetic field (EMF) is composed of two related vectorial fields, the electric field and the magnetic field. This means that the vectors (E and B) that characterize the field each have a value defined at each point of space and time. If only E, the electric field, is nonzero and is constant in time, the field is said to be an electrostatic field.
E and B are linked by Maxwell's_equations.
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, known as quantum_electrodynamics

"Quantum electrodynamics (QED) is a quantum field theory of electromagnetism. QED describes all phenomena involving electrically charged particles interacting by means of the electromagnetic force and has been called "the jewel of physics" for its extremely accurate predictions of quantities like the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon, and the Lamb shift of the energy levels of hydrogen.
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, is one of the most well-tested and successful theories in physics.
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