Shar My eyes have been silly lately.
Usually I don't cry much at all.
But I can't stop once I start.
The dam breaks, then I'm screwed.
So today my eyes are nasty and swollen.
fairydust my eyes never get puffy. i can cry for an hour, wipe it up and then go down stairs where know one can tell,go back upstairs and cry some more. 000410
~gez~ lucky you
i generally do not cry. i do not know if this is a good thing, i know it is not right to bottle up emotions, but i am not. i just do not cry at any old thing. the last time i cried it was because i was extremely comfortable
rage only ever happened once, a couple of weeks back. i dont think its the crying itself that makes them puffy, i think its the emotion inside pushing and forcing its way out finally. and it goes on for hours, pushing and forcing in a way u just cant control anymore. i think thats what made my eyes puffy, not the crying so much. 050329
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