paste! it was past midnight, a hot vacation spot somewhere in the low mountains with RV's and sleeping parents. the children were hesitant to go out and play with the lake stethoscope. children picking branches off of the winnebago. children deconstructing the source of thoughts and burning what was left of the neglected park bench way in the back corner. they all had fast sneakers and alibis and cravings for cola. the executive child stood in the tower wearing godzilla and planning a 2 am infiltration of the water fountain while the other children boobie trapped the entire confines with silly string and ice, which would melt and symbolize the decay of a preternatural secret that wouldn't be remembered because when you grow up you become big and responsible and logical so those things couldn't have happened or ever manifested in entirely mature parallels and they never did and never will. correcto and incorrecto. to the fuckers who've stopped believing, long live the NEOLOGISTOCRACY! 020611
Irreverent Lovejoy zen bud is in

twas once pnot
silent_p_not_p tautology
Erpland is a trip you might not want to take in the past tens o twenties

charpoplexy will inherit the earth -fuck the meek - it's all in the cold rosetta stone ice milk

don't uwanna platicize that carbuncle?
I Thought Not.
Pacofish scribble, scramble to accomplish
something certain
like accidental calligraphy
in the cafteria free period
aftermath but prehistory.
not god oops. i thought you said... asshole. thanks lots. make me look bad in front of ethel, whydontcha? 041009
what's it to you?
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