Mahayana Poor Pussy
This game makes everybody laugh.
Have the guests sit around the room. Choose one person to be pussy.
Pussy must go over to a guest and meow three times. The guest must pet pussy's head three times and say, "Poor pussy, poor pussy, poor pussy," without laughing.

The pussy should do his bestto make the guest laugh. He can make funny meows and walk arounf like a cat. The pussy goes from one guest to another untill someone laughs.

The first one to laugh becomes the new pussy.

[shessh, no wonder why individuals such as myself are warped]

taken from a childhood craft Make & Do Book ©1975

[[down with the encyclopedia that carried this book along with it]]
Ahmad thatís a shit game.

tell u what i thought sounded like a fairly amusing game but would never play...

my friends ,friends sick friend thinks that a fun thing to do at a sleep over is: all boys sit in a circle with a load of gay porn in the middle and the first 1 to get a Bonner looses and maybe gets digs (digs being punches, not respect thingies)
Elzbieta I've actually played "poor pussy." It's an old time parlor game and I played it the parlor of a 150 year old house in Savannah, GA. It was a way for boys and girls to get up close and personal without thier parents flipping out. "But it's only a game, Pa." 020905
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