Devious1 How can we have freedom to choose when a person can dictate supplies for the public using your business based on one's own moral interpretation? See Prevent, It shall make clear my point above..... 011027
distorted tendencies I'll buy some pharmaceuticals, the strongest for painkilling. And some alternative healing medicine too, I heard when overdosed those could kill. Oh.. look at the pretty array of diet pills. They're like speed...

I'm going to be on T.V.

Oh Harry.. I'm going to be on Television.

Ma, have you been taking those diet pills? They're no good, ma..

Oh, but I've lost 25 pounds and can almost fit in my red dress, and I'm going to be on television..

Ma, you've got to stop..Those pills are no good.

And how did you become such an expert on medicine?

~Because he likes heroin..~
unhinged he had a pharmacy in a bowl on his bedside table. every morning he picked something out, not sure what it was or what it would do, and swallowed it. sometimes if he was feeling adventurous he took two. 011028
the one I took a trip to the drug store
mom says i cant go there anymore
my habit is thick
the drugs run out quick.
i dont go to the pharmacy
thats not the drug store right for me.
id rather run to jons house real quik
hes got what i want, a real easy fix
if only they knew what was going on next door
your nice nieghbor jon runs a damn good drug store.
no reason took four before i got the right stuff. damn being sick in a different language. 020823
what's it to you?
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