sbgtlc what a crazy experience. been back for a week and still haven't processed it. can't seem to separate anything. it's all a giant blur and 3 months seemed to happen in 3 weeks. trips, work, reports, a few friends, random encounters, a week for vacation. then it was over. i sincerely hope i can make sense of it all before it's too late to make my trip worth it. the country and the people i met deserve it. 030403
A Viking In Peru Peru was originally known as Biro by the Incans who lived there. The entire empire was something different, but Biro was the place that Peru is today. The Spanish Conquistadors landed in the 16th century and mispronounced it Peru.

It's kind of the same concept as Beijing versus Peking.
Cole Don't let yourself worry; just let yourself enjoy the memories. As many pictures as you show and stories you tell, you can't really share it with someone else if they weren't there. It's sad, because it separates you, but it's wonderful because it's all yours, like a precious secret, a hidden cave... all your own. You'll carry it with you, hidden but it will always be there, and maybe it will call you at times, and maybe one day it will be time to go back - and go farther! 030728
sbgtlc wow, Cole. thank you. i just now read what you wrote, and it's so wonderful to have that reminder that there is someone else who can understand and lend a helping hand. (or word!) 030929
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