amy i saw you last spring when it just-so-happened to be our anniversary, when daylight savings time begins.
you knew the future, and i did too.
i smiled and frowned and nodded my head. i got angry at you for confusing me the way you did, maybe it was better to be angry than sad, that time. you were happy to see me and explaining to me about how we would never see each other, really, again.
so... maybe it was no coincidence that you were telling stories about the beginning at the very very end.
i had let you go so much already.
and just in case you're reading this, i have.
the one this morning when we were parting i thought it would be much more aquard but it was simple, and easy. a perfect kiss after a long nite of practice, a hug and yet another kiss. then you gripping my hand like you didnt want me to go...or maybe something else. i feel so numb right now. i know im stupid to be here, but responsibility is a bitch. Hungover and sick, only to go out tonite and do it all again. I hope i get to see you. 011101
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