jorge trees around LA are tall and skinny...

it's a wonder they don't crack they're so goddamn puny...

soon a wind will come that will make us loony...

and we'll turn to find all the palm trees gone, eee!

whatever, that rhyme sucks.
andrea i want to know you as well
as i know my very own hands
make you smell like home
have the taste of your lips
linger on mine all day long
feel your arms around me
even when we're apart
i want to make you a part of me

copyright 2000
*confused* if a palm can tell your future and your past why can it never open a pickle jar? 000118
the void everyday 000424
randomly recent I know someone who can read palms... she just looks at your hand and then says something like

"line, crease, line line, crease, wrinkle, line"

hahaha! only kidding, she really is quite accurate.

palm Desire. Centered. Concentrated. Fixated.

A passion so intense. Burning.

A hole through my palm...
oblivion hey meg 050303
misstree makes me hurt less.
what's it to you?
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