spoonful_of_miracles "A warm, comfortable place, somewhere to hide away, to store secrets, to be yourself for a while."

Now these words are a key, to some secret treasure; a warning, however, that how you feel about what is within is a choice. Tears or sunshine. If tears you find, i will soothe with a lullaby. Pray more that my angel discovers sunshine. Once there, a prize poem is to be hers. Do not fear, i have faith you will crack this riddle quickly. Ergo make haste! So much blather, so little time for my love,

Grins doOd!

The fatman strikes again (not to be confused with that whole Lucas deal).
neesh i'm not "back", i'm just ... around, when i have the time 040910
belly fire thank you for taking notice of me 050503
a secret linguist a confused little sheen
or seen backwards with an ache
knees rearranged under the table
(and softened like a cake)
a pen of hens (unusually long)
shy eyelashes downwards drawn
the absurd creature burrows out
and greets the neeshy dawn
Doar i feel strongly that more things should be said about this particular individual.....and hurry up about it already!! 061013
Ubiquitous Flattery You are so wonderful! Thank you for being so excellent! 061013
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