Grievance "And now, more mathematical than ever, he looked for a way to erase his redemption. He would not be solaced. He bent over and solemnly, calmly, with simple movements, uncovered the dog. It looked unfamiliar with earth on its lashes and with its open, glazed, eyes. hus, the mathematics professor renewed his crime eternally. he looked to the sky and to the earth around him, asking them to witness what he had just done. Then he started down the hill toward the little city below."
excerpt from short story:
-"The Crime of the Mathematics Professor" by Clarice Lispector

the professors ideals seem to exist as both myopic and clarity at the same time.
once again apparently this word descibes me.

and I never knew.
smokerings hands that trace their way along the neck
along the skin, loving it, enjoying it when she
turns her head so that hands
are cushioned between a heaven and earth of soft, honey-buttery smoothness
she takes off her glasses when she talks to you as if
its another barrier between us thats gone...
even if i didnt see you
i know the smell
the taste
the texture of your skin
the exact moist, tantalising flavour of your toungue

you came alive in my imagination.
you were
always so much more
in retrospect.
unhinged i want to love you

just make it so damn hard
what's it to you?
who go