user24 hello,

Northampton, uk?

It's boring as hell but there are a few good nights (I know a local Dj so that makes it better)

tell me how_i_found_this_site

where do u live now?

etc etc
DannyH this_is_how_I_found_this_site


More specifically, I was doing a dead end part time job on reception for a bullshit media agency and typed the word "tired" into google out of sheer boredom. A new blue world opened up and I've been obsessed ever since

and London. Is the Roadmender still going? That's the only place I ever had any fun.
Tank i think i get my fonts from you..? am i right..? 010810
DannyH Baptismal or orthographic? I'm not sure what you mean, but I don't think so... 010810
User24 yeah the Roadmender's still going, recently got some cash from the lottery, it's actually quite cool now.

Best place in Northampton though has got to be the Soundhaus.

Much coolness.
Tank ach well dannyh me boyo, i guess i was misunderstanding some assumptions i made... hehehee... either way, thanks for the god_juice and crumpets, they are much appreciated by this engerlish lass... 010813
silentbob SSSSSSSSHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... 010813
Tank you think that is loud bilent sob..? you wanna try living with a dj... that is loud... 010813
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