unhinged the last smashing pumpkins album; as industrial as they ever got. the lyrics seem kind of contradictory to the brooding billy we all came to know and love in the early 90s. maybe he felt morally responsible for all the little goths running around high schools across the country.... 010921
dB Somehow I doubt that.
Machina was the Punkins last album, so they thought they'd have fun. They'd got Jimmy back and it was time to be a 'jammy' band and just have some fun before the machina dropped the final curtain.
unhinged yeah probably not, but i never thought of billy as a guy that made music just for fun. and didn't they have a different bass player on this album? because when i looked it still listed d'arcy as the bass player. 010922
in a lonely place billy, i think, is currently getting ready to go on tour with New_Order having cowritten and played on some of their new material 010922
kim and god.
smashing pumpkins.
final concert bringing tears to my eyes, and brought a sore throat to my voice.
Mahayana deus ex machina
de·us ex ma·chi·na

New Latin,
a god from a machine,
translation of Greek theos
ek mEchanEs

a god introduced by means of a crane in ancient Greek and Roman drama to decide the final outcome
what's it to you?
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