Dafremen The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that law enforcement officials no longer need advise individuals of their rights before interrogating them on trains, planes, buses or other forms of public transportation.

Meanwhile, the same day, Israel reports that it had advanced warning that a suicide bomber was going to enter the city of Jerusalem. Though roadblocks were set up and although both private and public transportation were thoroughly searched,(including the buses, planes and trains) the suicide bomber was STILL able to enter the city and kill several people. This was Jerusalem, one city, not an entire nation, and THEY had advanced warning of the attack.

Giving up civil liberties will not result in a safer society, only lost civil liberties.

When they're willing to blow themselves up to save their beliefs and we're willing to give up our beliefs to keep from being blown up, they may not win, but we DEFINITELY lose.

"I believe that we have a duty to be protective of our freedoms and suspicious of centralized power, even when we agree with it. Like a fire, keep it from spreading outside the circle and it is useful, forget about it and it can take everything.

Don't lose your freedom for safety's sake, for the moment that you aren't free...you aren't safe anymore either."

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birdmad "those who would trade liberty for safety deserve neither"

== Benjamin Franklin
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