trin i know how it hurts
to be left out
yet my friends tend
to always leave someone out
two out of three
i'd hate to be the third
the one left out
so why do i still do it?
leave people out.
is it my bad luck
or am i a bad friend
to those who have been there
when others have not.
but i can't stop.
and i know someone is crying,
beating up me up in their mind,
hating themself,
but all i can do
is sit here and type.
there is nothing to do,
i am too selfish.
i thrive on fun,
why must i give it up?
but then i remember
the feeling of being the third
the one left out
and now i've decided
to make it stop.
squint i liked the ending of that.
cus otherwise...
i would have told you to do so anyway...

I'm the third wheel rather often.

I'm not seeing any effort in anyone to change that.

so I'll fiddle my fingers and pretend to find the wallpaper interesting.
oren There are pockets of change. Places where the lonely can find that elusive feeling of belonging. I_know. 061208
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