cheer-up-emo-kid "you know, theres a million fine looking women in the world, but they dont all bring you lasagna at work.....most of them just cheat on you...." 020727
or should I change In a slightly off center version of reality there is a person for each of us to call my own. I'm building a machine to escape there. But I'm afraid that when I get there no one will be there to call me their's. Because just like now I'd be in a place I don't belong. 020727
farmfish if a fishboy should get a fine
piece o' lasagna on his plate, he would most definately be quite thee happy one.
phil today 020729
paste! i'm gonna make some from scratch sometime this week despite heating up the summer kitchen. grocery unpack chop brown simmer preheat stir boil drain pan sauce noodle cheese noodle sauce noodle cheese noodle sauce parm foil oven unfoil garlicsourdough remove cooloff uncork eat
nextday eat
nextday eat
p2 The night before her wedding, the bride-to-be talked with her mother. "Mom," she said, "I want you to teach me how to make my new husband happy."

The mother took a deep breath and began, "When two people love, honor, and respect each other, love can be a very beautiful thing..."

"I know how to fuck, mother," the bride-to-be interrupted. "I want you to teach me how to make lasagna."
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