dustin loves sex eats pretty rubber eraser head 010817
Inanna That reminds me of the NIN song Eraser.
K-Y gel anyone, Ellie?
elyk (kyle backwards)sounds like alike or e like
nemo i love the way he says his name 010824
reenz nothing 020310
reenz van yzerloo 020311
tiffany Your post about getting drunk made me think how I've never gotten drunk with you and I think it would be fun. After all you are such a good friend, why not get wasted? It also made me think how I would like to get drunk in New York. That just seems so...punk. 020329
craz4u kyle is a really really good name and kyle werth is a hottie 030420
spathic kyle gives good backrubs...and great head. 031014
ReddVelVet yes. yes indeed he does. but how would one such as you know, unless you have experienced him firsthand? 031014
spathic what are you trying to say? 031018
nemo meh 040401
andrew Lollerskates, Kyle wow. 041209
unhinged haha

thursday night
'if you date canadians, the terrorists win'
i should have went home with lee

it's easy for me to keep a smile on my face
but between the four of us
it was a little difficult
at least there was
a lot of whiskey_and_weed
and a movie between us

go find yourself a dumb little groupie
it'll work out better for both of us
that way
what's it to you?
who go