gja sucks.
He has single handedly (well, er, actually maybe in concert with his brown-tongue mates) dismantled the good things about this place.
I have no words for the vile worm.
Snivelling, pandering, mealy mouthed, unprincipled, lack of vision, bereft of imagination, lying, deceiving, racist, xenophobic, horrible, manipulative piece of less than camel shit...maybe I have a few...but I dont want to get started.

Really he is shit. And he is, yes I predict it now, on the way OUT.
Good ridance scumbag.
LSD oh! he sounds like a bit of a Pirate to me.
bloody camel, i'll never go near one of them again, fucking near made me stranded in a dessert, what good would a spoon be in that situation ?

It's a bloody mirage, pretend food mate! but where is the god damn DOOR, i'm Sick of waiting for the sun.

he's certainly not Peter Pan thats for sure.
birdmad will easily beat out Tony Blair's successor as George Bush's new poodle 070719
Isaou "John Howard is a racist bastard imposing racist policies on a people who are not in a position to fight back,"

- Hone Harawira
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