uow they asked if i had any friends
i said not really
and they asked why is that

they asked if i had food in my cupboards

they said we know things about you

i told them they were wrong, mistaken
sameolme Exactly how many boxes of Jello are there? Uh-huh, and what flavor?
When do you plan on eating this Jello?
Stop fidgeting! Just answer the questions.
.nom i told them yes,
we'd had trouble with money for food
but that we always managed to eat
.nom jello is not something you'd find in my cupboards

but i was indeed fidgeting, i was so nervous

and they did tell me to just answer the questions,...not because i was fidgeting, (which they noticeably noticed)...but because i was questioning their questions

"why do you want to know about my friends"

"why do you want to know these things"

"what list, what group"

"says who"
sameolme If they were really professional, they
should have kept you in solitary for a week before the questioning.
I can understand why you'd rebel against such amatuerish authority.
.nom no nevermon have nothing to say 050218
lalalala...not listening He can interrogate me any time. 061116
what's it to you?
who go