jane can be dangerous
i want to tell you how i feel
i don't even know how i feel
i'm made of these
small things
that are eating away
and there isn't going to be any of me left
' is the unplanned child of vulnerability 030615
girl_jane Every summer, my family-grandparents-aunts-uncles-grandkids-all of us-we all go camping together of a weekend. It's a weekend full of nuttiness and craziness and all around good fun.

The youngest grandkid, my little cousin, last year had barely begun potty training. He escaped his mother while she was trying to change him-little baby butt running in broad daylight-naked baby body-naked baby smile-laughing-enjoying the sun-completely uninhibited.

This spring, there was a wedding in the family. Less than one year of time-and his inhibitions grew-and was sure to keep himself hidden...

I want to be two years old again-be able to escape my mother-be buck ass naked running down the street-complete innocence.
birdmad experience sometimes breeds apprehension 030616
splinken Storm the fortress. The doors are sealed up extra tight. 030623
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