yummychuckle his tongue doesn't know where to go between the gasps of his kiss. It almost hurts me. Our lips are mashing together in what he thinks in passion, and I beleive to be clumsiness. racing minds, racing hearts, but two different reasons. I want to stop, get away, end it, but he wants to keep going, go further, and he displays it.
wanna kick and scream, uncage my mouth, let me free! quit the flapping of your jaw, the inexperienced jerk of your tongue...just leave this alone. go home.
TalviFatin I think this time, I am hating the fact that I have to teach all the tricks of the trade. I used to revel in the fact that he was inexperienced and unknowledgeable...but this is getting to be irritating enough where I feel like saying "fuck it, cause you sure as hell arnt fucking me." 011029
lost i always think i dont know what i am doing. but i never have had a complaint. on the other hand i have had a couple compliments. im still not sure wether my method is the best or not. 011029
thieums So old and still inexperienced
I try to hide it but sooner or later
It shows, and love fades away...

I wish I hadn't missed that step
Long ago
what's it to you?
who go