deb i sit here and i wait for what will not come
you are at work late again, and though i long to hear your sweet voice,
once again, i shall fade into sleep
before i get the chance
i miss our midnight talks that last till
and how we could fall asleep on the phone,
just listening to the sound of
breathing on the other end

i long to have that back again~

soon, my love, soon
somebody expectation postponed is making the heart sick 000918
miniver So.

Get rid of the expectation.
Or get rid of the postponement.

Or, isn't that how it works?

Everyone ought to have a few major losses-of-hope at some point in life. Who would want to write about you, otherwise?
Arwyn I swear I am the most impatient person in my family. Most of them could sit there and wait for anything (and it seems like they're waiting on something more often than not) and me, I just have to know now! 020525
dead and buried burden in my hand 040801
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