frAnk if i could cry, i would cry, but i'm too old to be anyone's child. 010401
jete i'm too jaded, so i laugh instead 010401
dB Some say it's a low self esteem. I don't have low self esteem, just low esteem for other people.
So therefore I show no emotion because no one on this planet is worth the energy.
Aimee I would, but if I were to cry, people could see my weakness. Why should anybody be allowed to see that? Seeing me cry is actually seeing me, and I can't allow that. Cause then they'll hurt me. 010401
chanaka i would wail and scream and sob for you and for the things you do to me, both good and bad.
but crying shows the weakness inside my shell, so i must not cry, but ache horribly instead.
elisabeth if i could i would cry every day. I would cry for you so you don't have to go through the pain. If i could I would 010411
inferiority_complex i did, and my tears became worthless

dont forget the fact
katie i wouldn't need to bleed 010412
rei toei i could sell the water. someday maybe we cant cry. maybe we shall be on arrakis with water worth its weight in gold or spice as it may be. shed no water for the dead for they are gone. shed no tears for me for i do not see them. shed no tears for you for no one watches. 011210
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