me? if the titanic had avoided the iceberg, who would remember its name?

iceberg = belgium

the freezing cold of what you can't see. how long is it? does it matter? why is this a metaphor for almost anything?
amy more carbon dioxide.
global warming.
icebergs melt.
North Atlantic has fresher water.
Fresh water doesn't sink.
Global "conveyor belt" circulation changes.
Huge climate changes.
ice age trigger?
lokkust Similar to Cronenberg but not as disturbing. Sometimes deadly. 000203
andru235 we've built ourselves
a titanic civilization!
nothing can stop it!
now let's enact revelations
monee lettuce eat our last burger on an iceberg? 041229
birdmad feral Flame-point Siamese tomcat who prowls the apartment complex and the trailer park next door.

elusive and impressive sonofabitch

the alpha male within a 300 meter radius

creme/white coat, red-orange tabby stripes on his colour points and eyes as blue as glaciers. he and his sister were just starving stray babies when i first saw them slimking about, now whenever i see either, they are sleek and strong and wary, darting here and there to live off of the offerings set out for them by their various admirers in the courtyard
what's it to you?
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