not jeff tweedy "you know it's not okay" 070204
phil I feel unable to accomplish anything 070204
Lemon_Soda Hmm.

I'd say from that mental standpoint, you probably can't. Try telling yourself you can even if its not true(to you) and eventually you will. Once you DO accomplish something you can point at it and say "See? Yes i can." and everything will get easier and easier.


Just keep telling yourself you can't. I garuntee you'll believe you.
Rumi Do you think I know what I am doing?

That for one breath or half-breath I belong to myself?

As much as a pen knows what its writing,

or the ball can guess where its going next.
f oh god! no one knows what they are doing i don't think. its not nice to drive some one crazy though.
i can loose the plot quite easily and this bloody addictive website don't help.

your name ain't Rumi is it
what name did your mother give you?
if you've got any balls at all
f you are a g,

g for girl
phil I started giving myself advice one time. When i realized it was me I felt kind of bad... like I was just making fun of us. None of this is true of course. 070223
. In time you'll be found.... 070224
sob mmmeeerr...
missed the last bus home...
now i have to go home with the big people.
me lost...
i ony wanted a bumble bee badge.
wheres that girl gone ?

what's it to you?
who go