Mahayana http://streams.omroep.nl/nps/dekortefilm/mixedup/flow/flow.html

[{speaks for self}]
continuous ache wow, Mahayana. did you find that or is that one of your productions? it was amazing. i just wish it gave you more time with all the text in the background. 020320
Photophobe That was Awesome.

Where did you dig that one up.

Very entertaining. Well designed too (if a little sparse)

Liked the pace too. Too many of these interactive clips are very slow and 'atmospheric', while this was refreshingly fast.
Mahayana continuous ache,

I did find out about this link... through online probings... i have such an intense fascination for creative/ artistic/ hidden/ unknown/ freaky odd / awesome websites... & yes it truly was amazing.

although, i have made very similar projects and productions in multimedia courses at uni as well as through film/video clubs at uni-- this i can not lay claim to as my own... however, this sort of expression speaks volumes

yes, i agree the background text was intense... but it is under my assumption that perhaps this was the artists intent to personify ... some sort of overwhelming sensation ... perhaps ... merely the everyday/everylife overwhelmingness we all experience and in that sort of chaos we never really do seem to be able to take it all in at once ... do we???

its a link that i had for awhile and dug it up the otherday and thought hmmm i think blather people would really appreciate such a work of creation

the tempo was right on, neither too slow ... neither too fast

[i enjoyed the ambiance of it all, as well as the content ...for without one or the other it is only half as entertaining in my eyes]
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