Lemon_Soda If you haven't seen it check out Dreamworks "Sinbad:Legend of the Seven Seas."

Eris is the main bad goddess.

here's a few quotes.

"I'm coming w/ you, and don't tell me that the realm of chaos is no place for a woman."
"Isn't it a pity we live in such skeptical times?"

"Enough talking. Time for some screaming."
Lemon_Soda "I pull one little thread and their whole world comes crashing down..."
Lemon_Soda Mom...what the hell is going on?

did you pull that thread?
. if it feels like you got kicked in the teeth
go ahead and fall down,
check your lip for blood
(you'll find it)
and when you're ready
look up
to see a crooked grin
and outstretched hand.
"do you know why i did that?"
will always be the question.

i like to think she loves me through it all. it's a bitch, but it feels like it.
scarlet (and for the record, i would say it's dark_aspect_eris... evil is as overused as love and hate... imho, evil is destruction without chance for rebirth... and that's just not momma's style... but there ya go...) 040226
Lemon_Soda pleasebeatestpleasebeatestpleasebeatest... 040226
what's it to you?
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