typhoid .corp
we own your mind
we own your opinion.
we tell you what to do
and convince you it's free choice.
you never suspect
that there is a world outside of ours.
and we preserve ourselves this way.
it's the way things have to be.
girl_jane under the corporate conopy where the sun rarely filters down...

...and the ground is not so soft...

I think that's how that bit goes. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.
cube A corporation is like a living entity and just like a living entity, it is harder to kill than to create. So many rules to follow and so much red_tape to cut through.

She becomes a most demanding mistress - a love/hate relationship which you didn't expect when you signed on. Do yourself a favour and stick with 'sole_proprietorship' for as long as possible...
hsg I have a question:

they say all empires fall.
therefore usa will, too.

if usa is run by corporations, & even if the gov falls, are the corporations enough to maintain a certain functionality?
silentbob A brand, a construct. Not a person. Not people.

"a corporation is not a citizen. It may be an artificial person, a moral person, a judicial person, a legal entity, a faculty, an intangible, invisible being, but it certainly is not a citizen.”

John Archibald Campbell
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