bfnh the most important navigational tool ever! 990701
valis the subtle sound of a lock or a gun. 991207
psyki here 000205
gonut and then...
and then...
and then...
oh fer cryin' out loud c'mon guys!!!
try going to the pub 010420
SaxyWeed ever been in a computer lab full of people all using the mouse is some way? everybody clicking. click click click click. it can fill the room. it never stops. its driving me crazy...

same thing with the space bar.
ladybird all falls into place 010517
p2 what you hope to hear
when playing
russian roulette
Rhin or not. 021118
Mo i like the clicky sound dress shoes can make on tile floors 021118
anonymous/adolescence is overrated click is beautiful 040217
Blahhhhh firm cock. 040226
SumGayGai pipebomb told me to
click when i didn't
want to.
i hate him.
crazy_hope is the sound it makes in my head
when i give up being nervous
and press the call button
or hit the send key
next to his name
when i know he
isn't thinking of me.
and doesn't want to start.
but i have nothing left to lose
so click goes the sound in my head
waiting to be shot down again
but not ready to give up
trying one more time
just might be it,
so here i go
what's it to you?
who go