amy i need a big old sweater. i dread the winter. 010103
sphinxradio you know what they say

they say that capricorn loves having someone to take care of
and that pisces loves being cared for

i don't dissent. but someone probably does.
daf I'd like to clear up an earlier mistake I made. I said that capricorns are practical, and this is quite often true. However, that is not their most marked trait. The most marked trait of the Capricorn person is the importance of their reputation to them.

Now that is not to say that all Cappies are conformist workaholics. Some are utter badboys (and girls.) Some are complete societal dropouts.

What it means is that whatever that particular Cappy's idea of the "perfect reputation" is, they will seek it out and guard it carefully. If that means they cherish their reputation for being the "guy with the porn", then their porn collection will be tops and they'll know everything about the subject. (This is HIGHLY unlikely. In fact, the notion of Capricorn, porn and pride mixing successfully is a pretty bizarre one, but it's a big world full of all sorts of different people.)

You can joke about all sorts of things with a Cap, (most have such a dry, clever wit), but just make sure it doesn't involve their reputation.

There ya go. Hope that's a bit better. Astrology is a learning process.
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